Orbital Studies Book Log 2

(Section 2, pgs 78-144)

This section is the start of the real story in Unbroken, about Louis’s survival through Japanese treatment, and his life before, during, and after. In this section, Louis and his B-24 bomber crew crash land in the Pacific while searching for another regularly downed plane crash. This section also accounts for an attack from the Japanese that Louis survives firsthand, and also the same flight from the section before, where the crew miraculously survives multiple Zeros, or Japanese fighters and a landing without working landing gear and brakes. While this section doesn’t hold much emotional value (except for the Japanese bombing attack), the section contains a lot of action described in great detail. The crash landing however, and one of the surviving crew members eating of the life raft’s rations, sets the horror story of Louis’s survival in play, making this an unavoidable section of Unbroken.


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