Orbital Studies Book Log 3

(Section 3, pgs 145-212)

In this section of Unbroken, the Japanese POW Camps and the cruel officers that run them are introduced. Continuing from the last section, Louis, Phil, and a third crew member, Mac, survive on their life rafts and steadily physically begin to detoriate, as 30+ days of being alone in the ocean does (they last 46 overall). After Mac dies from starvation and hopelessness, the Japanese eventually find the survivors and initially treat them well, but Louis and Phil soon get transported between various camps before setting in a designated POW camp, where the Japanese brutality begins to truly show. This section is interesting because of the transition of Louis’s story from survival to direct torture, the change from no interaction to brutal beatings and workouts through ranks of guards. Besides Mac’s death, there really isn’t too much to emotionally react upon in this section of reading.


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