Orbital Studies Book Log 4

(Pgs 214-300, section 4)

In this section of Unbroken, the ending of WWII is almost at hand. Louis has been transfered between two POW camps in this section, both of which containing the one true antagonist of the book, Watanabe, or as the prisoners call him, “The Bird”. This sections displays, in purest form, the brutality of the POW camps, but also, some of the sadastic people who ran them. The Bird happens to be the shining example of this, regarded in both indirect and direct quotes from both prisoners and also sympathetic Japanese, to be a psychopath and a sadist. This man is the main form of torment for Louis for the rest of the book, through physical and mental torture, but also, The Bird’s targeting of Louis to break his spirit, by performing actions that would remove his dignity. This section is by far the most riveting in the book, as it describes the horrifying conditions that the prisoners faced in the camps. This section would be of most importance if going through the book for information.


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