Orbital Studies Book Log 5

(Section 5, Pgs 301-337)

Not mentioned in the previous section, WWII is close to being over, with the atomic bombs just being about to be used. Louis’s treatment only continues from The Bird, until the first atomic bomb gets used on Hiroshima. Then the entire POW camp stops running, with the guards huddled inside listening to the radio, while US B-29 bombers and various fighter planes dropped food and supplies to the prisoners. Finally, the war was announced over, and the POWs were released from the camp. All POWs found trains to larger cities to get evacuated by plane, then get sent home. Finally, Louis reunites with his family, and all seems to be good, until Louis hears a wartime recording of himself while taken in the POW camps, and mentally snaps. This section holds intense value, because while the war is still going, Louis’s condition keeps dropping, and the Japanese “Kill-All” policy looms for all POW camps. However, this section does not end the book, as “The Bird” has fled and is hiding from authorities, while Louis begins his steep mental dropoff from his trauma. 


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