Orbital Studies Book Log 6

(Section 6, pgs 338-398)

In the final sections of Unbroken, Louis’s life sets out on an unsteady and rushed path, as he soon meets a women by the name of Cynthia, who he almost immediately wants to marry. The problems start when Louis starts to take up drinking to stop feeling the stress and anxiety he feels when giving speeches, and when Cynthia has problems with getting her parents to support her. The Bird continues to drift through Japan before finally committing suicide. However, Louis only falls farther and farther into his state, drinking to stop his flashbacks and nightmares of The Bird. This continues on and on until Cynthia forces Louis to stay at a religious convention, and he snaps, for the second time, but rather, a snap of forgiveness and understanding. Louis set out to reclaim his life, while Watanabe had been discovered to not have committed suicide. Louis tries to contact him, but it fails, and the book ends describing Louis carrying the Olympic Torch for the 1998 Winter Olympics, held in Japan, with the run going through a previous POW camp, and smiling faces. This is a very emotional section of the book, as it is the most reflective and understanding out of all of the sections in Unbroken. Although this holds no connection to the plot, it is shown individually about each of Louis’s family members dying off, the irony being shown through how he was thought to have died first, but outliving them all. This section of the book concludes very soundly, and is one of the few books that has forced a tear into my eye.


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