Orbital Studies Website Log 1


(Website URL: http://mansell.com/pow_resources/camplists/fukuoka/fuk_01_fukuoka/fukuoka_01/Page05.htm#Vivisections)

When searching for websites about the Japanese POW camps, the first I came across was an account of some of the actions taken by the Japanese with downed US bomber pilots. The website lists the story of the Fukuoka account, in which a B-29 Bomber was shot down by a Japanese Zero, (main fighter plane), and eleven crew members bailed out. 1 man simply disappeared, while 2 died in conflicts with civilians around the crash site, and 8 were rounded up by the Japanese military. These 8 were taken to the Kyushu Imperial University Medical Department, where they were supposedly told that they would have surgery to help heal the wounds from the crashing. That was up until the surgeons started manipulating or cutting out the various airmen’s hearts, livers, brains, stomachs, and lungs for experimental value. However, when the war ended (all crewmen died from the vivisections performed), records of these “experiments” were all destroyed, the bodies were cremated, and stories were made up to cover the airmen’s disappearences, until one of the directors involved with the experience finally told the true story of what happened to the crew members on the island. This account is extremely gory and disturbing, and just morally wrong in every way by nature. This is one of many examples of Japanese atrocites commited to American (sometimes Austrailian and British) POWs, and also helped to better provide background knowledge on the Japanese actions (even as morally wrong as they were). From this account, I learned that airmen were treated especially terribly due to their destruction and havoc in Japan, that citizens were taught how to attack soldiers in the case of invasion, and the the “Kill All” policy (learned before, but this only helped to reinforce).


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