Orbital Studies Website Log 2


(Website URL: http://ww2today.com/26th-june-1943-cholera-and-japanese-savagery-on-the-railway-of-death)

This account (checked website, there are many other stories), is the hidden diary of Lieutenant Colonel E.E. Dunlop as a senior officer and surgeon at the labor camp of Burma. The account lists some of the experiences and conditions of prisoners working on the Burma-Thailand Railway. The diary mentions the conditions of working, in which every prisoner works, even the heavily sick and weakened. Also mentioned are soldiers who are beaten by the Japanese guards. The soldier happened to have a fever of 103 degrees, while having abrasions across the knees, a contused neck and chest, and a sprained ankle. The soldier died within two days of the initial recording. These diary entries, while short, are horrifiying to read, as they show the Japanese treatment at its worst, whether it be the beatings of the prisoners to death, or the way how prisoners on the brink of death are casually forced to work at physically challenging tasks for little if no food at all.


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