Orbital Studies Concluding Log

Through the accounts of the survivors that I have read or listened to, the one thing that truly stands out terribly is the Japanese treatments and attitudes of POWs. Wherever, whenever it might have been for a prisoner in Japanese control, their handling and interaction was horrific, through vicious beatings, through the removal of dignity through degrading tasks, through the experimentation of chemicals and disections, or through the civilian treatments. When reading the accounts of these prisoners, the Nazi treatments almost appear mild and generous when considering the conditions that their prisoners and even Jews went through. Both were absolutely terrible, and while the Nazi’s may have killed more, the Japanese had far more affect on the American, British, and Austrailian troops that were affected by them. If there are any conclusions to make coming out of this study, they would be that the Japanese’s view of prisoners (and almost all foreigners) was extremely biased and imprinted. Like the Nazis, the Japanese believed that they were the superior race over all, and they would being doing the world a justice through conquest and subjugation. However, while the Germans might have treated the opposition with some respect, and accordance to the Geneva Convention, the Japanese completely ignored and disregarded the convention’s existance, while torturing the opposition’s prisoners in an act similar to ethnocentric origins, as it was considered dishonorable and cowardly to submit to the enemy, and to preserve the family’s honor, that they should die before capture. This attitude and regime was clearly reflected in the treatment of opposing prisoners, as no mercy or dignity was shown to or allowed to the victims. Overall, this study revealed many things about the Japanese treatment, regime, and context of the time.


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