U.U. Blog Numero Uno

I picked the topic of politics because I’ve always been one to consider and mull over the ideas and perspectives of other people, and politics is just that combined with quite a bit of social manipulation, which simultaneously fascinates and disgusts me. I still don’t think that I have much knowledge in the world of politics, but that should be considered alongside the fact that I didn’t understand nor care about politics until the last year or so. However, what I read in the community unit only reinforced my understanding of the various extreme and moderate perspectives that can be found in political debate.

I’m really excited to be working with my group, as after seeing them in the community unit, I can reasonably say that they are an efficient and reliable group capable of turning out quality work at reliable deadlines while also communicating clearly. I can bring the aspect of playing devil’s advocate to my group, as well as be flexible enough to fill in and take roles where other people might struggle. My work schedule desperately needs to improve however, as I an inefficient with my time. I was expecting there to be hiccups or flaws in how my group interacted and divided work, especially considering how loose of a plan we had to start the community unit, but when deadlines came, we executed our parts and finished most things with ease.

As for the Uber Unit, I’m excited and quite terrified. On one hand, this unit will give us a chance to really open our eyes in a specific field of knowledge while giving us a unique view on multiple other subjects. But on the other hand, a great deal of this unit is independent. Which means that I’m going to be staying up past 12 for many more nights at this rate. While I do meet deadlines, I sacrifice time and sleep in the process, showing that I am not effective at using my time nor focusing when I have an excess of time. For once however, I’m not concerned about collaborative work, as my group  (finally) is competent and extremely capable. So that’s nice.

But if WordPress decides to keep swallowing my blog attempts into the abyss, well, let’s just say that these blogs are going to go sarcastically downhill at breakneck speed.


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