Blog Numero Cuatro

As of now (should be 3/17/17), we haven’t started our Dummies Packet, but we did just complete our synthesis question and organize a broad list of essantial questions. I’m really satisfied with how our central question turned out, even though it wasn’t what I was originally expecting. However, because we shifted towards looking at an international and historical view as our question, finding examples and times has become much easier, and for once, my social studies classes will come in handy. I still haven’t come to a full personal opinion on our question, which deals with the range in government interactions through history, but I can say that at first glance, I’m leaning heavily towards a globalist styled government that interacts heavily around the world, but doesn’t necessarily try to control or manipulate others. That probably seems a bit too idealistic and I’m not expecting any good examples, but that will be my preference that may let bias appear in my writing, if any.

I’m a bit worried because I haven’t really had my perspective change even with the arrival of our new synthesis prompt. I came into this project with a mixed opinion of wanting to jump into the world’s activities when need (interventionism) while also staying back and trying to avoid certain conflicts in the best interests of the citizens. After reading multiple sources and considering different societies throughout history, I can’t say that my opinion has changed as of now.

As for my group, well they are trash.

Wait, I can’t say that. Not directly at least. I mean, I can’t really say anything that hasn’t been said about my group, in that they are really holding their word on meeting due dates and turning high quality work. But they are bugging the heck out of me on our Facebook messenger, so clearly they must be a bad group for that reason. Those notifications must bother you right?


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