Favorite Number Blog (Cinco)

Get hyped for blog V, the best number ever! Now for business. This blog should be dated around the view of 3/20/17.

Our dummies packet still hasn’t been really organized to this point, so I’m a bit worried. I honestly haven’t looked at the requirements of this packet for at least a week, so kinda scary. Our essantial question has undergone a slight revision to narrow the subject down more, changing from an unlabeled country and a world view to the United States being compared to the rest of the world. Otherwise, no major structural changes. I’m going to have to find a graphical and historical source to back up our thesis, so that will be fun. I have no idea how to look at this prompt from a numerical standpoint, so yay for an incoming late night struggle?

Again, no real changes to my understanding of politics… Yet. Expecting that to change with incoming sources.

The group dynamic remains as giddy as ever with constant ripping of each other as we work. But, as I’ve said for probably a thousand times up to this point, the work gets done. Somehow. Someway. I can’t even explain it as this point, and worse yet, it seems like the work is falling on Grace and Liam who are going through their week of hell in music or play related shenanigans. In other words, I feel like I’m getting slightly carried and that’s not a good thing. I’m doing my part, but I still can’t but help and feel this way.


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