I don’t have a clever title and I want one desperately so here’s my worst shot at Blog Numero Seis

3/21/17 Viewpoint:

So now we’re staring down our Dummies Packet, and I guess it’s not that bad. I have to refine the sources that I found around 11:40 last night, but I’m pretty  satisfied with how they and their explanations came out, so that should make things easier. Still, as I said in the document itself *and then would later remove*, I still am not fully sure about the connection of the Elephant Graph (as every source I’ve seen has called it) to our topic as a whole. While I feel like it made more sense then every other graphic I came across, I still felt like the connection to the topics of imperialism and isolationism is a bit vague, even in the economic sense. On the other hand, I’m really happy with the historical source on China. I wasn’t entirely sure that the era I was looking for even existed at first, but the funny thing is, it does exist. Better yet seems to be the number of historians who are still dumbfounded to this day about why China changed so dramatically in their foreign policy that it almost makes for a reading about a historical simulation and not actual history, which is usually much more boring and logical. My dad happened to find a book discussing this very topic, so I’ll try to make time for it to see if I can gain an even greater understanding of this source.

After finding these sources, my understanding between the relationship of politically influenced foreign policy and economics has been expanded a good deal, and more importantly, they have opened a door in my mind to even recognize this relationship and its far reaching effects in the first place. I’m really interested by the Chinese source, as that decision by the Chinese was so unpredictable and illogical as well as radical that it makes for a massive change in the international power chain at the time, and allows for Britain to even start its empire in the first place.

Now, for daily group reconnaissance:

“Marcus-isms” are now a thing. Courtesy of Grace, I am now a semi-communist and the next group meme for overreacting while in a discussion that occurred while we were working on our Dummies Packet. Let’s just say that I tend to use the work sheesh a bit when sarcastically overreacting to my group, and now I’m paying for it. But outside of making me a meme, my group has been working as diligently as ever, even Liam, who consistently reminds me that I’m beautiful in the middle of working. Not distracting in the slightest. Not at all…


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