A Week’s Worth of Blogs

Meh, I didn’t really have anything better then that title.

Anyway, seeing as our group is just about at crunch time, it would seem fair to post this blog. Our Dummies Packet is just about complete, although it could use further refining (to which I mean I will look through the pages and feel like something is off when really nothing is off but stupid me won’t know that and I will go and change something for no reason whatsoever and knowing my luck, that will piss someone off in our group to the point where I have to use a Marcusism to end the conversation), and our lesson plan has been laid out. However, after watching group one go, I feel like we are going to have to go back and revamp said plan, because if I’m being honest, the Gender group set the bar pretty damn high and for us to at least interest the rest of the group if not get a high grade, our plan needs to be more interactive. Or I’m just doing the same thing as with the Dummies Packet and making a big deal out of nothing. Regardless, even as much work as we have put in to this point, I can’t help but be nervous for not how our project will be graded, but rather, just how will it be received.

If there is at least one thing positive that we can take away from the Gender group, it would be this. Interactive activities work. And taking sides, if not painful, is a powerful and effective tool for forcing your viewers to not only pay attention, but also evaluate themselves and their stances. So why not just use the topic that is arguably the most polarizing debate of them all for this exact purpose? Politics offers numerous chances to get the class to decide, reflect, and debate over their opinions, and allows us to redirect attention away from the presenters and more to overall thought (which as someone who still isn’t comfortable to presenting even after all these years sounds great.)

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything to report on group banter. Shame, cause’ we always need more Marcusisms to go around… But in reality, nothing has really changed about our group. Liam and Grace survived band’s hell week, and Alex has mostly shown up, so life is good. Also, Liam forgot to tell me I’m beautiful today, so I’ll yell at him on Monday. Otherwise, that’s all I can really say. I think our minds are relatively made up about our subject, and we’ll review our understandings up until we have to present.


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