No not really.

So, now that we are two out of three days into the gender group’s presentation, I thought now would be a good time to start the blog. This will probably be a two day blog, as we haven’t gotten to arguably the best part of the presentation, which is the upcoming discussion. So fingers crossed that we get a good discussion going and not just everyone leaning awkwardly in one direction or another.

As for the first two days of the presentation, well, all I can say is that before I saw what this unit contained, I thought it would be a topic focused around the various gender associations that people are starting to reveal, and thus would be more of a modern unit with references to mistreatment or misunderstandings from the past, rather than a unit focused specifically around women and those same experiences. In hindsight, this focus makes complete sense, but I found it a little surprising at the time, most likely due to my lack of knowledge in this subject overall.

But I must say that I am enjoying this unit so far. By enjoy, I mean that I’m enjoying the fact that we are being forced to recognize some of the major discrepancies within our society today, while also trying to come to a better understanding of other genders, whose lives have been shaped very differently for logically, very little to no reason at all. I’ve been raised with the idea to always treat everybody with respect, regardless of race, gender, religion, or any other classification that someone may fall under. Seeing how much the rest of the world doesn’t seem to hold these same ideas by reflection of their activities or representatives is always a bit of a disappointing shock to me, but at least by highlighting these issues, we stand a chance of making things better for the future.

Now, for the part of the blog that comes after our group is done our whole presentation. Looking back, I really wish that the Gender Discussion went on longer. Really, I would say the exact same thing for our group as well considering we seemed to be really getting on a roll, but I truly felt after the final day of the Gender unit like it should have went on a little bit longer. Unfortunately, I felt like I didn’t contribute that much to the discussion, but I do remember wanting to add a bit of a devil’s advocate opinion at one point near the end of the discussion. And that’s all I can really remember up to this point, because after that presentation finished, we had to finish up the details on our group’s presentation. So please don’t kill me on the late work, you told us in the hallway meeting that we could have extra time over the weekend to wrap up Group One’s work.


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