Nine More Blogs to add to Donald’s Wall…

Even though our presentation didn’t actually have to do with this form of politics much at all.

Hey that rhymed!

So, to say the least, I’m conflicted on our presentation. On one hand, it was (at least in my opinion) a solid to great presentation on information and appearance alone, as well as the discussion that followed. Our group was relatively coordinated, our PowerPoint looked pretty, our audio and visual sources were unique and not completely boring, and we had more than enough content to fill our time (in fact we could have ran over the time for all three days with the video, the additional scenarios, and the discussion, which could have (and should have) gone on for at least an hour longer. Plus, you seemed to like it, so that’s gotta mean something right?

On the other hand, I felt terrible about my participation in the presentation. The presentation is probably better off for it (which I’ll talk about in a sec), but it isn’t the way it was supposed to be planned. Compared to Liam and Grace, my speaking time was about 10-15% overall, which is basically like I’m being carried. Originally I was supposed to do about 6 slides in the presentation, but that changed last minute to shift more slides to Grace. Considering how good of a presenter that Grace is, it was most likely for the best of the presentation as a whole, but it left me with the feeling that I really didn’t contribute much to our project. It didn’t help that I only contributed once to the group discussion and that the scenario that I proposed on the second day of presentation was a scenario lacking full explanation, which led to a lot of repetitive and simple answers. The feedback we are getting as a group suggests that we did our jobs really well and that most people enjoyed our work, so I should probably just get over this, but it still doesn’t feel right feeling like the weak link of the group for the final three days.


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